Holiday Closure

Citco will be closed in observance of President's Day on Saturday, February 17 and Monday, February 19, 2018.

Board Member

Citco is looking for volunteers to serve on our board of directors.  Please contact Tracy or Staci for more information on how you can become involved in your credit union.

Server Upgrade

Citco will be closed Thursday, April 19, 2018 for a server upgrade.  Please make arrangements in advance if you need services on this day. 

Welcome to Citco Federal Credit Union

Welcome to Citco Federal Credit Union, where our members are our most important asset! Citco is committed to providing quality product and services to help our members meet their financial goals. Service is our top priority; we are small enough to give you that personal, home-town banking touch.

What is a Credit Union?

Credit unions are financial cooperatives, owned by their members. Credit unions are guided by a Board of Directors, which is elected by the membership. Each member has an equal voting right.

Unlike banks, credit unions return their profits to their members in the form of better rates and additional services. We offer many of the same services as a bank, many times at a more competitive rate. We strive to become your primary financial institution.

Citco Federal Credit Union maintains sound business practices and a safe secure financial network where members can be assured that their personal information is protected.

Become a member today and see what benefits Citco Federal Credit Union can offer you!